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  • I AM is the summative accountability assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities in grades 3-8 and high school.

  • Yes. The American Institutes for Research, or AIR, will be the vendor for I AM. This is the same vendor that will be used for ILEARN and IREAD-3 ensuring a cohesive system.

  • I AM assesses Indiana Alternate Academic Standards, also known as Content Connectors.

  • I AM is a stage-adaptive test for all content areas, similar to ISTAR. A stage adaptive test means the assessment will be delivered in two segments. In Segment 1, all students take the same test form that consists of items from a range of complexities. Performance on Segment 1 determines placement into one of three tiered forms for Segment 2. Each tiered form contains a mixture of items from adjacent levels. Performance on items from both segments are combined for the final summative student score.

  • Once a student completes Segment 1, the Test Delivery System will immediately assign a tier based on the student’s performance in Segment 1. In entering Segment 2, the student and test administrator will be informed of the tier assignment before the student accesses the first item in Segment 2. While the transition from Segment 1 to Segment 2 is seamless, the test administrator should wait to administer Segment 2 to the student until the following day.

  • All content areas (Mathematics, ELA, Science, and Social Studies) will be assessed using three-option multiple-choice items for the 2018-2019 school year. Additional items types will be considered in the years to follow.

  • I AM data will be provided at the student, classroom, school, and corporation levels. IDOE has collaborated with educators to refine the reporting categories. You can find these reporting categories on the I AM Blueprints found here:

  • Similar to ISTAR, I AM will be an untimed assessment delivered in a one-on-one setting with the classroom teacher.

  • The primary mode is online. Paper, Large-Print, and Braille materials will be available for students as an accommodation.

  • Key differences include:

    • Additional accommodations and student supports
    • Single test window
    • New test items
    • New online test interface and technology

  • As we transition to I AM, IDOE has provided test blueprints, item specifications, and performance level descriptors for each grade level and content area. Each set of item specifications includes sample items, cognitive complexity levels, content constraints, and evidence statements for each Content Connector. We have also provided a Released Items Repository and Practice Tests so students and educators can interact with test items on the online platform before the test is administered.

  • Indiana educators are involved in every step of the test development process, including revising the Content Connectors, building test blueprints, writing item specifications and performance level descriptors, and reviewing new I AM passages and test items to ensure accessibility for all students.  Upcoming opportunities include data review and standard setting. Future committees will comprise of educators nominated by their superintendent. 

  • Please direct any questions to We will also update this FAQ periodically.

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