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The Online Reporting System Training Module provides a detailed overview of the Online Reporting System and how to access detailed reports on student test participation and performance.

2018-2019 I AM Data File Descriptions /core/fileparse.php/4210/urlt/I-AM-Data-File-Descriptions.pdf
Updated September 09, 2019

This document provides a description of the fields that are represented within the online data file produced when exporting a data file through Retrieve Student Results within the Online Reporting System.

2019-2020 ORS Data File Descriptions /core/fileparse.php/4152/urlt/2019-2020-ORS-Data-File-Layout.xlsx
Updated December 18, 2019

The Online Reporting System (ORS) data file layout available under ‘Retrieve Student Results’ has been updated to a common data file layout across ILEARN, I AM, IREAD-3, and ISTEP+ Grade 10.  The following information is included in this file: column number, data label in ORS, description, and acceptable values.  Please reference this file if you have any questions while accessing the data file in ORS. 

I AM interpretive Guide /core/fileparse.php/4210/urlt/IN_IAM_Interpretive-Guide.pdf

This is the Interpretive Guide/Parent Letter that accompanies I AM Individual Student Results (ISRs) in the Online Reporting System. 

I AM ORS Data File Layout /core/fileparse.php/4210/urlt/

The I AM student data files available under ‘Retrieve Student Results’ in ORS are provided as grade-specific files with all content areas for that grade included in the same file. Please note that the data file layout headers will vary slightly based on the content areas assessed at that grade. In addition, Biology is provided in its own file separate from the grade 10 layout. These files can be accessed here as a resource.